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Summer Football Training Package:
The Summer Football Training Package provides youth athletes with all the training necessary to be successful this football season. This package starts out with a spring speed training program through the month of May, followed by the Cancer Combine event testing each athletes speed and agility. All athletes will then join us for 4 days at Utah's #1 non-padded youth football camps with several locations dates and times to choose from. All this with huge savings! This package is a $315 value for $255.
1. 4 day youth football camp
2. 1 month speed training program during May
3. 1 Cancer Combine event
$60 Savings
Register for this package @: www.sportsrevolutionfootball.com/youth-football-training/summer-training-package.html

Football Camp:
Join us for Utah's #1 non-padded youth football camp and receive 4 days of position specific instruction by our exceptional staff of trainers from the University of Utah. Our camps are designed for beginner and veteran players, ages 7-14. (Multiple camp dates, times and locations available online)
Register for this event @ www.sportsrevolutionfootball.com/youth-football-camps.html 
Z Down Weights

Gremlin 61lbs (10yr old) 
PeeWee - 80lbs (11yr old) 
MityMites - 90lbs (12 yr old) 
Midgets - 105lbs(13yr old) 
Bantams - 135lbs (14yr old)
15 years olds cannot Z down to Bantams
X Weights

Gremlins 76lbs (8 & 9 yr olds) 
PeeWee - 95lbs (10yr old) 
MityMites - 105lbs (11yr old) 
Midgets - 120lbs (12yr old) 
Bantams - 140lbs ( 13yr old) 
Juniors - No X-Weight - Unlimited (14 Year Olds)
Calendar Items 2014
July 8, 17 & 21
Week night sign-ups
July 12: 8-11 AM
Mandatory sign-up day
July 28- August 1
August 1
Team Draft 
August 30
Season Begins- Let's Go Wolves!
Sep. 9 & 10
Team Pictures
2014 Head Coach Lists
A1 - Brett Candelot
A2 - Shane Watt
Black - Carl Ahlberg
Purple - Mark Phister
Silver - Jared Phifer
White - Jared Morse
Grey - Jim Tracy
Copper - Preston Pearson

Pee Wee:
A1 - Jackson Peck
A2 - Brandon Vernon
Black - TBD
Purple - Eric Sohm
Silver - Justin Wilbur

Mity Mite:
A1 - Kent Allred
A2 - Tim Brown
Black - Jerimie Thorne
Purple - Jose Medina
Silver - Ivan Taylor

A1 - Daniel Martin
A2 - Brad Murry
Black - Steve Holmes
Purple - Craig Stauffer
Silver - Caesar Procunier

A1 - Mike Kartchner
A2 - Kris Denos
Black - Travis College
Purple - Cody Munger
Silver - Randy Gilbert

A1 - Chuck Elliott
A2 - Gary Young
Black - Ken Hart