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Z Down Weights

Gremlin 61lbs (10yr old) 
PeeWee - 80lbs (11yr old) 
MityMites - 90lbs (12 yr old) 
Midgets - 105lbs(13yr old) 
Bantams - 135lbs (14yr old)
15 years olds cannot Z down to Bantams
X Weights

Gremlins 76lbs (8 & 9 yr olds) 
PeeWee - 95lbs (10yr old) 
MityMites - 105lbs (11yr old) 
Midgets - 120lbs (12yr old) 
Bantams - 140lbs ( 13yr old) 
Juniors - No X-Weight - Unlimited (14 Year Olds)

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Calendar Items 2014

2014 Head Coach Lists
A1 - Brett Candelot
A2 - Shane Watt
Black - Carl Ahlberg
Purple - Mark Phister
Silver - Jared Phifer
White - Jared Morse
Grey - Jim Tracy

Pee Wee:
A1 - Jackson Peck
A2 - Brandon Vernon
Black - Eric Sohm
Purple - Justin Wilbur
Silver- Bret Stephens

Mity Mite:
A1 - Kent Allred
A2 - Tim Brown
Black - Jerimie Thorne
Purple - Jose Medina
Silver - Ivan Taylor

A1 - Daniel Martin
A2 - Brad Murry
Black - Steve Holmes
Purple - Craig Stauffer

A1 - Mike Kartchner
A2 - Kris Denos
Black - Travis College
Purple - Cody Munger
Silver - Randy Gilbert

Black - Chuck Elliott
Purple - Ken Hart

Wolves, we are staying about even as far as wins and losses. Congratulations to the couple teams that got their first wins today of the season in Division play! Lets get it done next week! 
Good luck WOLVES!

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2014 Uniforms! 
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