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Summer Football Training Package:
The Summer Football Training Package provides youth athletes with all the training necessary to be successful this football season. This package starts out with a spring speed training program through the month of May, followed by the Cancer Combine event testing each athletes speed and agility. All athletes will then join us for 4 days at Utah's #1 non-padded youth football camps with several locations dates and times to choose from. All this with huge savings! This package is a $315 value for $255.
1. 4 day youth football camp
2. 1 month speed training program during May
3. 1 Cancer Combine event
$60 Savings
Register for this package @: www.sportsrevolutionfootball.com/youth-football-training/summer-training-package.html

Football Camp:
Join us for Utah's #1 non-padded youth football camp and receive 4 days of position specific instruction by our exceptional staff of trainers from the University of Utah. Our camps are designed for beginner and veteran players, ages 7-14. (Multiple camp dates, times and locations available online)
Register for this event @ www.sportsrevolutionfootball.com/youth-football-camps.html, use "deal10" and get $10 off!
Speed Training:
The Sports Revolution individualized speed-training programs are designed to maximize speed, acceleration, agility and power through high intensity training. Each session focuses on agility training, plyometrics, and core strengthening to maximize results. 
Register for this event @ http://www.sportsrevolutionfootball.com/youth-football-training/speed-training-clinic.html
Cancer Combine:
Sports Revolution has partnered with the Huntsman Cancer Institute and is proud to bring the Cancer Combine to athletes across Utah! The Cancer Combine is a one day event, modeled after the NFL combine and is designed for youth and high school athletes to test their body in speed, power and agility. Athletes times and measurements will be recorded as they complete each of 5 events: 40-yard dash, pro-agility shuttle, vertical jump, broad jump, and bench press(push up challenge for youth athletes). 
Register for this event @ www.sportsrevolutionfootball.com/youth-football-training/cancer-combine-07-2015.html 
Z Down Weights

Gremlin 61lbs (10yr old) 
PeeWee - 80lbs (11yr old) 
MityMites - 90lbs (12 yr old) 
Midgets - 105lbs(13yr old) 
Bantams - 135lbs (14yr old)
15 years olds cannot Z down to Bantams
X Weights

Gremlins 76lbs (8 & 9 yr olds) 
PeeWee - 95lbs (10yr old) 
MityMites - 105lbs (11yr old) 
Midgets - 120lbs (12yr old) 
Bantams - 140lbs ( 13yr old) 
Juniors - No X-Weight - Unlimited (14 Year Olds)
Calendar Items 2014
July 8, 17 & 21
Week night sign-ups
July 12: 8-11 AM
Mandatory sign-up day
July 28- August 1
August 1
Team Draft 
August 30
Season Begins- Let's Go Wolves!
Sep. 9 & 10
Team Pictures
2014 Head Coach Lists
A1 - Brett Candelot
A2 - Shane Watt
Black - Carl Ahlberg
Purple - Mark Phister
Silver - Jared Phifer
White - Jared Morse
Grey - Jim Tracy
Copper - Preston Pearson

Pee Wee:
A1 - Jackson Peck
A2 - Brandon Vernon
Black - TBD
Purple - Eric Sohm
Silver - Justin Wilbur

Mity Mite:
A1 - Kent Allred
A2 - Tim Brown
Black - Jerimie Thorne
Purple - Jose Medina
Silver - Ivan Taylor

A1 - Daniel Martin
A2 - Brad Murry
Black - Steve Holmes
Purple - Craig Stauffer
Silver - Caesar Procunier

A1 - Mike Kartchner
A2 - Kris Denos
Black - Travis College
Purple - Cody Munger
Silver - Randy Gilbert

A1 - Chuck Elliott
A2 - Gary Young
Black - Ken Hart