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Z Down Weights (as of 2015)

Scouts - NO Z Downs
Gremlin 70 lbs (10yr old) 
PeeWee -  85 lbs (11yr old) 
MityMites - 95 lbs (12 yr old) 
Midgets - 110 lbs(13yr old) 
Bantams - 135 lbs (14yr old)
15 years olds cannot Z down to Bantams (14 year olds can)
X Weights (as of 2015)

Scouts - 75 lbs (7 & 8 yr olds)
Gremlins 85 lbs (9yr old) 
PeeWees - 100 lbs (10yr old) 
MityMites - 110 lbs (11yr old) 
Midgets - 125 lbs (12yr old) 
Bantams - 145 lbs ( 13yr old) 
Juniors - No X weight Limit (14 Year Olds)
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2015 Head Coach Lists
A - Tim Brown
Black - Mike Christiansen
Purple - Justin Wilbur
Silver - Becker

A - Shane Watt
Black - Carl Ahlberg
Purple - Preston Pearson
Silver - Byron Adamson

Pee Wee:
A - Brett Candelot
Black - Jim Tracy
Purple - Steve Holmes
Silver - Mark Phister
White - Jared Phifer

Mity Mite:
A - Jackson Peck
Black - Brandon Vernon
Purple - Jose Medina
Silver -

A - Chuck Elliot
Black - Scott Stocking
Purple - Jerimie Thorne
Silver - Ivan Taylor

A - Travis College
Black - Brad Murry
Purple - Todd Sinks

A - Mike Kartchner
Black - Kris Denos
Purple - Randy Gilbert

2015 Season is in the Books! Great job to all the teams that participated this year. We did end up taking home 6 Championships this year in Riverton!

Congratulations to PEE WEE A team (Coach Candalot)
MITY MITE A team (Coach Peck)
MIDGET A team (Coach Elliott)
Juniors A Black team (Coach Kartchner)
Juniors Purple team (Coach Denos)
Juniors Silver team (Coach Gilbert)
Great season! Nice job sweeping the Juniors group! 
Have a fantastic off season and we will see you all next fall!!
Wolves on 3 1-2-3 WOLVES!!!

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